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Sanskar Bharti is a unique institution which embodies such features of English Medium School which are suitable for Indian traditional environment blended with the traditional Indian values.

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In a decentralized basic education system, the responsibility of improving the quality and management of education extends beyond the school to the community.
Sanskar Bharti
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Our Mission is Clear

        " strengthen the roots of our future generation and give opportunity to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing citizens in our society."

Keep watching as SANSKAR BHARTI SCHOOL continues to challenge itself, reform and grow.

At Sanskar Bharti We Focus:
  • To develop minds in accordance with our ethics & values
  • To produce, groom & nurture children with human & pragmatic approach
  • To supplement classroom learning with real life field experience.
  • To inculcate the habit of life long learning
  • To regular proportion of class inputs on theoretical as well as conceptual insights.
  • To promote & encourage children to come out with innovative ideas

» Our Vision
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Our vision is to develop the school as happy place for the children. Everyday the school must be full of learning with pleasure so that the children love to come to their abode of knowledge. With great pride and happiness, we can say today that 'Yes! Sanskar Bharti is dearly loved by its students and they don't want to miss it for a single day!' The interactive relation between the teachers and the students allow them to bloom like flowers and they can express their doubts, their insecurities freely. We believe that you can excel only if you are doing your work happily. The atmosphere at Sanskar Bharti rightly expresses that!

» Our Aim
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. To nurture overall development of the children through quality and value-oriented education.
. To cater to multiple abilities and multiple intelligences present in the learners for the realization of their true potential and individual needs of development through a child-centric environment.
. To equip the learner with life skills needed for effective living and encourage the value of life long learning.
. To promote involvement of the children with community outside the school and other social concerns through community service programme.
. To be a model of good educational practices through continuous enhancement and up gradation of our system and development of faculty in order to promote a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of school life.
. To incorporate an international dimension in the school curriculum and thereby raise awareness among students of global vision and world peace.
. To instill among the children a sense of responsibility to perform in the citizenship duties and strive towards common welfare.
. To ensure our motto 'Vidya Param Devatam' through our commitment to excellence and high standards of achievements.

Sanskar Bharti
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Application Form

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